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      Best Kolhapuri Sandals in India

      Ladies and Gentlemen, we don’t have to tell you that Kolhapuri Sandals are the best Indian footwear. We bet; you cannot find a place better than Irasoles to buy the best Kolhapuri sandals in India. Be it faux leather or real leather, you will find everything you need in our footwear collection. Before you know the four reasons to buy Kolhapuri sandals at Irasoles, let us have a short glimpse at the history of this footwear.

      History of Kolhapuri Sandals

      Kolhapuris were first worn in the 13th century, according to historical records. A King named Bijjala, and his prime minister Basavanna encouraged the production of Kolhapuri Chappals to uplift the cobbler community. Ever since then, Kolhapuri footwear has never gotten out of fashion. We love it even today as much as the people in the 13th century did. Whenever it is time to make a style statement, you will see people flaunting Kolhapuri Sandals to look smart, classy, and stylish! They are indeed timeless.

      • Best Quality
        Our classic Kolhpuris in brown color has a huge fanbase for sure! Not to forget, our black and golden color Kolhapuri sandals are equally loved. If you are looking for a classic pair of Kolhapuri sandals, then nothing can beat the quality we offer. You can buy pure leather or faux leather footwear from our collection. Wishlist your favorite pair of Kolhapuris on our website today!
      • Brilliant Craftsmanship
        We employ the best craftsmen in India who make your footwear with love, passion, and dedication. Our Kolhapuri Sandals are authentic and handmade. Every artist who crafts the footwear spends hours making the best pair for you. Show off your lovely feet with our timeless beauties. We are sure your feet are going to look stunning as you endorse the brilliant craftsmanship of Indian artisans.
      • Excellent Variety in Kolhapuris
        We have everything you need in a pair of Kolhapuri sandals. There are various color and style options available for you. Choose the right pair of footwear from the wide range of styles and designs available on our website. Besides the classic ones, we have great designs in the faux leather collection.
        Our favorites from the faux leather collections are ‘Daffodil Sky Faux Leather Kolhapuri’ and ‘Wine and Gunmetal Faux Leather Kolhapuris’. The Jalsa Collection and Block Heel Kolhapuris on Irasoles are trendy and outstanding. As you can see, we love to spoil our clients with choices. Go ahead and find the right pair of Kolhapuris for you now!
      • Best Men’s And Women’s Collection
        Kolhapuris are for everyone! To cater to your needs, we have curated our Kolhapuri collection to fit the needs of men as well as women. Check out the best Kolhapuri designs on our website. We have stocked in great men’s and women’s Kolhapuris for all the ladies and gentlemen out there. You already know that Kolhapuri sandals are versatile. You can wear them on western wear such as a basic t-shirt and jeans or you can wear them with ethnic wear. The choice is yours. And no matter what you are going to wear, you will look stylish and make a style statement for sure.
        Be it brilliant craftsmanship, unique designs, great collections, or best quality, we have everything that a footwear connoisseur would love. So, what are you waiting for? Look stylish, stay classy, and grab eyeballs. Shop the perfect pair of Kolhapuri Sandals at Irasoles today