Best Ways To Style Your Kolhapuri Jutis

by Irasoles on May 28, 2022

India is a varied country that is opulent with different cultures and traditions. Fortunately, such cultural vividity is also reflected in Indian fashion as well, giving us some major style choices. Whether it is ethnic outfits or footwear, Indians have an abundance of options to style themselves.

When it comes to talking about ethnic footwear, Kolhapuri will definitely steal the limelight. From Kolhapuri wedges to jutis, there is a wide range of footwear that are originated from this popular Marathi footwear. No doubt, Kolhapuri chappals instantly create an ethnic vibe at the same make people feel comfortable in the footwear.

If you are a diva looking to change your styling, you should definitely try adding more or Kolhapuri magic into your wardrobe. Here we have some awesome tips to style your favorite outfit with Kolhapuris. So, let’s get started.


#1 For The Love of Anarkali Suits

If you think your footwear will go unnoticed under the extravagance of your Anarkali suit, then make some space for Kolhapuri wedges in your wardrobe. To be honest, these footwears were designed for Indian wear an Anarkali suit is just the perfect attire to don along with them. Kolhapuri wedges will give you the right height and elegance to complete your royal look.


#2 Oomph Up Your Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are known for their uber comfort and style factor. What if you can enhance your maxi look with just footwear. Today, girls pair their Kolhapuri jutis with maxi dresses to create that urban-chic style. Whether it is maxi or below-knee frock, any one-colour toned Kolhapuri would stunning. You can easily find the latest collection of Kolhapuri jutis or wedges online.


#3 For A Casual Day Out

If you don’t feel like getting up and getting dressed all fancy, you can always choose a casual avatar with your Kolhapuri jutis. Pick any of your plain Kurti, pair it with leggings and Kolhapuri flats to cheer up your mood. If you want to add more boldness to your look, put on your favourite sunglasses too. If you don’t want to go ethnic, pick a floral dress and slip on a Kolhapuri jutis you’ll be good to go.


 #4 Denim Will Never Go Wrong

Denim and Kolhaipuris are the best combinations if you want to pull up a casual and carefree look. You can spot Bollywood fashionistas in this uber-cool look. Kolhapuri flats are not just comfortable, but absolutely stylish as well. Nothing can possibly beat thing combination any time of the day.


#5 Ethnic Date Night

Is your date night around the corner? And you want to dress up as an Indian diva, then we have got a solution for you. Pick out your favourite full-length Indian gown and pick elegant Kolhapuri wedges. You can pair Kolhapuris with your cocktail dress too, given that it has an ethnic accent.

That’s not it, there are endless ways to transform your look by just changing your footwear. So, without any further delay head to your nearest footwear shop or start searching for the best Kolhapuri footwear online and begin experimenting with your look.

Stay Stunning!

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