Top five reasons why Kolhapuri Sandals are the best footwear ever

by Irasoles on May 28, 2022

India has brilliant craftsmanship. Traditional Indian footwear has impressions of Indian art, culture, and tradition. Kolhapuri sandals are one of the most loved types of footwear in India. They are not only classy, and versatile, but gender-neutral too! Moreover, the designs are considered to be timeless and will practically never get out of fashion! Come, let us discover why these timeless beauties are the best footwear ever!

Here are five reasons why Kolhapuri Sandals are the best footwear ever:


Art and Craftmanship

Nothing can beat the beauty of handmade things, isn’t it? Original Kolhapuri footwear is traditional Indian footwear that is crafted in pure leather. It is an exemplification of the craftsmanship of Indian artisans and craftsmen. With Kolhapuri sandals, you get to flaunt the art and craft of India and look smart and stylish at the same time. What more could you ask for? Style up Kolhapuri sandals with your jeans or kurta or wear them the way you want. You are sure to make some heads turn!


Kolhapuri sandals are a Fusion Wear!

Want to stay in style and follow trends too? If you just said yes in your head, then try on Kolhapuri sandals in different styles. Kolhapuris are available in several colors such as Silver, Golden, Black, and many others. They come with heels and without heels too. This footwear is age-old, yet it can fulfill the styling needs of contemporary fashionistas.

Guess what? The footwear has no gender bias. Men love to flaunt Kolhapuri sandals as much as women do! Just slide in Kolhapuri Sandals and turn a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit into a not-so-basic outfit. And of course, if you are wearing a traditional outfit, then you can wear this classic footwear as a statement accessory. Own them and flaunt them!



Kolhapuri Sandals are not only beautiful, but they are also extremely durable. Buy them just once and wear them for years together. We are sure that many young ladies in India steal their mom's traditional footwear when they are going through the ‘I have nothing to wear’ phase. Or even when they need that extra oomph factor for their outfit. This footwear is timeless and durable. Moreover, it will never go out of time. Do you need any other reason to invest in Kolhapuri Sandals? Go ahead and invest in a pair! Half your styling hassles will vanish if you own a pair of Kolhapuri Sandals.



Kolhapuri sandals are truly sustainable. One pair of Kolhapuri sandals can last you for many years. If you buy two or three pairs of Kolhapuri sandals, then we are sure you would not have to worry about buying new traditional footwear for at least five to ten years. This means, that much less waste is dumped into the environment. Stay in style while being environment-friendly!


You are supporting Indian Craftsmen

When you choose to wear Kolhapuri Sandals, you automatically support the Indian artisans and craftsmen. As most Kolhapuri Sandals are crafted by hand. Every time you buy yourself a pair, you help in generating livelihood for craftspeople from small towns in India. Take a break from fast fashion goods and endorse this footwear crafted by talented and brilliant Indian artisans.

With so many fantastic reasons to buy Kolhapuri footwear, it is time that you pamper yourself with a pair or two. Go ahead and check out the bestselling Kolhapuri sandals collection on the Irasoles website. Even if you are not a celebrity, we are sure that these sandals will make you look like a star. Buy a pair of Kolpauri Sandals and shine like a star today!

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