Did you know that the Kolhapuri chappals were loved by people in pre-colonial times too? Today, you can see brands selling this traditional footwear all over the globe. Right from the person who is living in a remote village in India, to a woke individual living in a metropolitan city, everyone loves to flaunt this classic pair of footwear on their feet.



Here are five reasons why Kolhapuri wedges is evergreen: 

  • Kolhapuri Wedges Celebrates the Art and Craft of India

Kolhapuri Wedges reflect the craftsmanship of Indian artisans. Every time you wear this footwear, you get a chance to celebrate the talent of our country. Authentic Kolhapuri Wedges and Chappals are available on online shopping websites like Irasoles. They are crafted by Indian artisans with love, patience, and passion, and are 100% handmade.


  • Kolhapuri Wedges is a Sweet Statement Accessory 

All the fashionistas out there, can we ever stop emphasizing the importance of the right footwear? Your footwear has the power to make or break your OOTD or Outfit of the Day.

We have all been through the hassle of choosing that perfect pair of footwear for our outfits, isn’t it? A good pair of Kolhapuri Wedges or Chappals is not only the safest footwear that will embrace your feet, but they have the power to transform any boring outfit into a stylish one instantly. 

Wear them with a kurta pyjama or an Anarkali dress. Or wear them on a saree. Your outfit is going to look ten times better, we promise!


  • Kolhapuri Wedges are Unisex and Gender-Fluid 

The best part about Kolhapuri wedges is that everyone can wear them. Men love this traditional footwear as much as women do. While men are more likely to opt for a classic pair of Kolhapuri chappals, women are known to experiment with various styles such as Kolhapuris with heels, tassels, and embroidery.


  • Kolhapuri Wedges are Versatile 

You need not think twice when it comes to adorning this traditional footwear. Wear the Kolhapuri footwear with a kurta pyjama or style them with jeans. You will get tons of compliments whenever you decide to embrace this versatile piece of footwear on your feet.


  • Kolhapuri Wedges are Always in Fashion 

If you had to name the footwear that has managed to stay in style for hundreds of years, it is the Kolhapuri Wedges ! Looking for good and sustainable footwear? Opt for Kolhapuri wedges without any doubt. They will look good on kurta pyjama, saree, Anarkali dress, leggings and kurta, palazzo pants, jeans, maxi dress, dhoti pants, and even a short ethnic dress.

What more reasons do you need to invest in a pair of Kolhapuri footwear? Go ahead and buy yourself a pair of beige Kolhapuri wedges from Irasoles. You will love yourself for making the decision!

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